8 Sheep Organics All-Purpose Healing Baby Balm

8 Sheep Organics All-Purpose Healing Baby Balm

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This rich, soothing balm is made with organic plant-based ingredients that protect baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It soothes dry, irritated skin, and works great to clear up baby eczema, drool rash, and cradle cap.

Made with just 8 natural ingredients, all of which you can pronounce. No petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or any other nasty chemicals.

Give your baby healthier, happier looking skin today with the All-Purpose Healing Baby Balm!

Ingredients: *Shea Butter, *Coconut Oil, *Aloe Vera Gel, *Glycerin, *Oat Kernel Oil, *Colloidal Oatmeal, Capric Triglyceride (from Coconut Oil and Glycerin), Cera Bellina (from Beeswax). * Organic Ingredients

Directions: Gently apply a thin layer of healing baby balm onto slightly damp skin immediately after a bath to clear up eczema, cradle cap, and soothe dry irritated skin.