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Botanically-curated gifts that include everything a new mama needs to heal her body, all while supporting her newborn baby

Foods & Supplements

Designed to support lactation with galactagogues like oats, organic moringa leaf, shatavari root, turmeric, goat’s rue, milk thistle, fennel, and fenugreek to help improve the quality and increase the quantity of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers. 

The Perfect Gift For New Moms!

Show a new mama the love she may not even know she needs!
Botanique Bundles® are the perfect gift for every new mom because they foster a routine of self-care to assist in healing, while also nourishing her with wholesome, organic foods and supplements to aid in breastfeeding.

Self Care & Recovery

From Motherlove nipple cream to heal sore, cracked nursing nipples, to Earth Mama Organics Herbal Sitz Bath to soothe and comfort "down there," to Simply Organic Bamboo's sleep mask for a peaceful rest, our bundles supply new moms with all the tools to heal properly from child birth and breastfeeding. 



Carefully curated to nurture a healthy newborn and help heal new moms with the perfect blend of organic supplements and self-care products.

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It’s brilliant! So many times I’ve been like oh I should order this or research that, what kind of tea or do I need a supplement ... but to have it all just show up and with the knowledge behind it to know you can trust it’s all the best stuff to use and is healthy for baby too is a dream come true! 

Abbey, Malibu, CA

Seriously, what an amazing gift!!! And what timing, I met with a vegetarian lactation consultant and I showed her the package and she was saying how great all these products are!

Nicole, Los Angeles, CA

This is honestly the most thoughtful gift I have ever received!

Jennifer, Beverly Hills, CA

I couldn't figure out what to give my best friend after she gave birth. This bundle was absolutely perfect!

Julie Smith, Denver, Colorado

"I'm totally dependent on Botanique Bundles now. It's the only gift I send to my new moms!"

Anne, Miami, FL



A portion of all proceeds will go directly towards helping families in need of support. Our charity of choice is Family Promise, a leading national nonprofit transforming the lives of families experiencing homelessness.



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