Le Nourriture
Le Nourriture
Le Nourriture
Le Nourriture
Le Nourriture
Le Nourriture

Le Nourriture

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Introducing the original Botanique Bundles ® Le Nourriture Gift Bundle for New Mothers, specially curated by Registered Dietitian & Mama, Melody Moradi Ahadian, MS, RD. 

Crafted with the highest quality galactagogues and herbs to enrich the nutritional quality and quantity of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers. 


  1. Legendary Liquid Gold Lactation Supplements (60 count)
  2. Purely Elizabeth Superoats Food Cup (2)
  3. Boobie Bar Superfood Lactation Bars (2)
  4. Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea (2)

Treat your favorite new mom to the greatest gifts!


This bundle includes a free handwritten gift card!

Bundle items, along with the handwritten gift card, are assembled in a modern and elegant kraft box, wrapped in tissue paper, and securely sealed with a Botanique Bundles® sticker! 

Simply write your desired gift message in the Order Notes section on the cart page.

We recommend scheduling bundles to arrive to mamas before baby arrives (baby shower gift!) or within 10 days of arrival, so that both mama and baby can reap the benefits as soon as possible!

***Not Sold In Stores***

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